neptune-contrib: open-source contributions to

This library is a collection of helpers and extensions that make working with Neptune website more effective and better. It is build on top of neptune-client and neptune-lib and gives you option to do things like:

  • interactive visualizations of experiment runs or hyperparameters
  • running hyper parameter sweeps in scikit-optimize, hyperopt or any other tool you like
  • monitor training of the lightGBM models
  • much more

And the best thing is you can extend it yourself or… tell us to do it for you :).

Get Started

Bug Reports and Questions

neptune-contrib is MIT-licensed and the source code is available on GitHub. If you find yourself in any trouble drop an isse on Git Issues, fire a feature request on Git Feature Request or ask us on the Neptune community forum or Neptune Slack.

You can join our slack by clicking on the Neptune Slack Join.


We keep an updated list of open issues/feature ideas on github project page Github projects. If you feel like taking a shot at one of those do go for it! In case of any trouble please talk to us on the Neptune Slack.

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