Telegram Bot

Telegram integration

Inspired by the beautiful blog post and package Telegrad we have decided to write the telegram bot for Neptune!


Create telegram bot api token

  • Open the Telegram app
  • Search for the BotFather user
  • Start a conversation with BotFather and click on start
  • Send /newbot and follow the instructions on the screen
  • Copy the bot token

Get neptune api token

  • Go to Neptune app and click on the Get API Token button on the top right.


Set NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN environment variable

Go to your console and run:

export NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN='your_long_api_token'

Fire up your bot

Now all you need is to send this data to your Neptune project.

python -m neptunecontrib.bots.telegram_bot \
--telegram_api_token "asdasfasdg23523rfasdfasd" \
--neptune_api_token "asfasdgfaewae23423qwefdASFsa="

Talk to your bot



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